CB – Radio Antenna Adapter Cable (1m)
Art.Nr.: GW055

Description 1 meter antenna adapter cable with PL-angle plug and Honda antenna connector (for mobile device)
39.00 EUR
Isolating transformer Stereo
Art.Nr.: GW522

Description Provides electrical isolation between AUX input and audio device (MP3 players, navigation devices). Noise from the generator can be suppressed. The transformer eliminates ground loops. The transformer has a 3.5mm stereo jack and a 3.5mm stereo jack socket and is connected between the audio device and AUX input.
39.00 EUR
RF Filter
Art.Nr.: GW062

Description prevents RF radiation (from the CB antenna) into the intercom connections. Suppresses feedback noise to CB radio. The filter is simply clipped on the headset cord.  
12.00 EUR
RamMount mounting plate GL1800
Art.Nr.: GW170

Description The mounting plate is mounted in place of the Honda label. The mounting plate can be removed without leaving a trace.  
30.00 EUR
RamMount Universal mounting plate
Art.Nr.: GW171

Description The rectangular mounting plate is suitable for the GL1500 and is universally applicable  
22.00 EUR
RamMount clamp 90 mm
Art.Nr.: GW172

Description Clamp for connetion of 2 RamMount holders  
22.00 EUR
RamMount Holder complete Set (GL1800)
Art.Nr.: GW173

Description consisting of 2 mounting plate and a 90mm clamp  
75.00 EUR