CB 40 AM-FM CB – Radio with Chrome panel
Art.Nr.: GW001

Description 40-channel CB radio device with polished (Chrome) panel especially developed for the GL1800 and GL1500. To install the device it is not necessary to manipulate the existing electronics system in any way. The HF-module can be installed in one of the cases, and a 12 V providing connection with the ignition as well as [...]
995.00 EUR
Loudspeaker Activator for CB – Radio
Art.Nr.: GW022

Description The CB radio can be switched to the outside speaker Delivery - Relay - Control unit - Switch - Cable trunk
65.00 EUR
CB – Radio Set ALAN42
Art.Nr.: GW005

Description Small and efficient complete hand radio set, containing radio device and connection box for the intercom, 40 FM and AM channels each. The device contains CE and CEPT authorisation and may be used within Germany without registration and fee. The device can be installed easily within the front storage compartment. As an option, a [...]
389.00 EUR
CB – Radio ALAN42 – Fastening for handlebars
Art.Nr.: GW042

Fastening for handlebars
69.00 EUR
MR-200 PMR Radio Set for permanent installation
Art.Nr.: GW076

Description MR radio MR-200 The  PMR radio MR-200 operates on PMR446 MHz band. The radio is permanently installed and connected via a junction box to the intercom and the on-board voltage. The device is waterproof and can be mounted on the handlebars. For optimum range, an external antenna is used. Epending on the environment, the range [...]
398.00 EUR
Radio Junction Box NT
Art.Nr.: GW034

Description To connect a PMR, LPT or CB-radio with the intercom. Every radio with a standard microphone/ speaker outlet can be connected with this device. The delivery includes a waterproof sending button, which may be installed directly at the left handlebars. While sending or receiving the headset will be automatically forwarded to the radio device. [...]
195.00 EUR
DC/DC Converter 12V 2A
Art.Nr.: GW660

Description Isolation between power wiring and radio. Prevents effective generator - and ignition noise. Feedback risk reduction for CB radio  
79.00 EUR
CB – Radio Antenna Adapter Cable (2m)
Art.Nr.: GW056

Description 2 meter antenna adapter cable with PL connector and Honda antenna connector (for Alan 42, handheld radio)  
39.00 EUR
CB – Antenna (GL1800)
Art.Nr.: GW050

Description CB - Antenna for Goldwing Model 1800
199.00 EUR
CB – Radio Antenna Adapter Cable (1m)
Art.Nr.: GW055

Description 1 meter antenna adapter cable with PL-angle plug and Honda antenna connector (for mobile device)
36.00 EUR