Bluetooth Junction Box A2DP
Art.Nr.: GW220

Description To connect Bluetooth-enabled navigation devices and smartphones to the audio / intercom system. It supports headset/ handsfree and A2DP stereo streaming. An intelligent control system ensures that navigation prompts and phone calls are forwarded to the driver's headset. A2DP stereo from MP3 player is sent to the AUX input. The junction box operates independently [...]
298.00 EUR
GPS Adapter
Art.Nr.: GW120

GPS adapter, the inexpensive alternative for connections with other devices With this GPS adapter you can connect every GPS navigation device (PDA, GARMIN) with the intercom. To listen to the navigation system through the headset, the intercom has to be switched on. A 3.5 mm jack plug sends the signal from NAVI. To avoid sounds [...]
69.00 EUR
RamMount mounting plate GL1800
Art.Nr.: GW170

Description The mounting plate is mounted in place of the Honda label. The mounting plate can be removed without leaving a trace.  
30.00 EUR
RamMount Universal mounting plate
Art.Nr.: GW171

Description The rectangular mounting plate is suitable for the GL1500 and is universally applicable  
22.00 EUR
RamMount clamp 90 mm
Art.Nr.: GW172

Description Clamp for connetion of 2 RamMount holders  
22.00 EUR
RamMount Holder Complete Set Universal
Art.Nr.: GW176

  Description Consisting of 2 mounting plate and a 90mm clamp  
69.00 EUR
RamMount Holder complete Set (GL1800)
Art.Nr.: GW173

Description consisting of 2 mounting plate and a 90mm clamp  
75.00 EUR