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Turn signals and daytime running light
Quantity: Pieces

Two-color LED bulb, yellow = flashing, white = daytime running light.
The LED lamp is installed in the clear-lens indicators.
In normal operation, the LED lamp is white. If set the indicator, the white light is switched off and the LED light flashes yellow.
When the turn signal is switched off, permanent white light is switched on.
The yellow flashing light have the same bright as the normal turn signal bulb and is also clearly visible on a bright summer day. The duration of white light is very bright and widened the front silhouette of the Wing.
The LED lamp is completely white (no egg yolk effect etc).

In the US Wing, the LED lamp can be installed and connected directly.
For EU model, an additional adapter set and a clear glass insert is necessary
Adapter set led bulbs GL1800 06 – 17  ART #  GW721
Adapter set led bulbs GL1800 01 – 05  ART # GW723

Clear glass turn signal insert GL1800 01 – 17  ART # GW719

Assembly Instructions
LED Idicator