249.00 EUR
MP3 Player for the CD changer control
Quantity: Pieces


Prepared foriPod/iPhone, Android Smartphone, Bluetooth Module

The MP3 Player can be connected of the CD changer interface.
The Player can be directly control via the buttons on the handlebar.

By pressing the CD button on the radio, the MP3 Player is switch on.
The display is a similar display as with the original CD changer.

It uses a USB memory stick. It supports USB sticks up to 16GB. In the memory created 10 (6) Folders (CD01 – CD10).
In each folder can be copied any MP3 files. The titles can be copied directly from the PC to the USB stick.

The MP3 player is mounted under the seat. A standard USB cable is led into the top box or a storage compartment.
Here, the USB stick can be connected. Installation is easy.

The MP3 player is connected to the plug for the CD changer and is then immediately ready for use.
Accessories cable can be connected, iPod / iPhone, Android smartphone and a Bluetooth module.

The MP3 player works reliably on all GL1800 models.

The problem with the A. SEL button is not exists.

Supplied with a 4GB Mini USB Drive is included.
Operating Instructions (german)