298.00 EUR
GL1500 Radio MP3 Module
Quantity: Pieces

The MP3 module is installed instead of the cassette drive and can be operated in the same way.
The storage medium is a micro SD card or a USB stick.
The formats MP3 / WAV / APE / FLAC are supported.
Storage media up to 32GB can be used.
A connection to the smartphone can be made via Bluetooth and the MP3 player in it can be used.
Like the cassette player, the MP3 module and the Bluetooth connected device can be operated via the buttons on the handlebars.
The MP3 module is located in the cassette slot. So that the storage media can be exchanged more easily, the module can be pulled out of the slot.

The MP3 module can only be installed in my workshop. To do that, remove the radio and send it to me.
The conversion is done within a week.

Operation manual
MP3 GL1500 ASP
MP3 GL1500 SE