DC/DC Converter 12V / 5V 1A with Micro USB cable
Art.Nr.: GW650

Description Makes the potential separation of electrical wiring and audio devices (MP3 players, navigation devices). The DC DC converter effectively prevents generator and ignition noise entering the audio system.  
48.00 EUR
Stereo – Headset – Amplifier (GL1800)&
Art.Nr.: GW300

Description The amplifier module enables individual volume control for the passenger headset. Contrary to the volume set at the radio, further raising or lowering of the volume is possible. The amplifier module will be installed underneath the seat. The volume control will be mounted at the bottom of the back storage compartment.  
185.00 EUR
Intercom Splitter

Description This decouples the passenger headset from the audio system With a switch, the passenger can turn off the audio unit. However, the intercom connection between driver and front passenger remains. The passenger can adjust the intercom volume separately. About a 3.5 mm jack, the passenger connect an MP3 player and start his own entertainment. [...]
298.00 EUR
Adapter GL1500 - 1800
Intercom adapter plug GL1500/GL1800

Description Accessories (Junction box, GPS Adapter) for GL1500, can be connected to GL1800 Intercom. Reverse directions as well  
On demand
AUX Kabel
AUX cable GL1800
Art.Nr.: GW520

Description Substitution for, defective or lost AUX cable  
22.00 EUR
Isolating transformer Stereo
Art.Nr.: GW522

Description Provides electrical isolation between AUX input and audio device (MP3 players, navigation devices). Noise from the generator can be suppressed. The transformer eliminates ground loops. The transformer has a 3.5mm stereo jack and a 3.5mm stereo jack socket and is connected between the audio device and AUX input.
39.00 EUR
Full Sound System incl. Installation
Art.Nr.: GW570S

The Full sound upgrade kit improves the sound quality and the volume of the GL1800 audio system crucial. A special bass system promising an unrivaled sound volume is reached. The front and top box speakers are replaced with high-performance speakers with excellent efficiency (93 dB). The additional built-in bass speaker and amplifier were able to [...]
1095.00 EUR