Illumination set for Topcase (GL1800)
Art.Nr.: GW731

Description The illumination set lights the interior of the topcase. Bright white light -emitting diodes are responsible for the illumination. The diodes are placed inside the casing as not to take away any spare room or to break the LED if the cases are fully packed. Moreover, the illumination even works if the ignition is [...]
58.00 EUR
Illumination for sidestand (GL1800)
Art.Nr.: GW735

Description After opening out the sideways stand, especially bright white LED will illuminate the space for the stand. The installation angle of the LED simply has to be mounted with a screw along side the sideways stand. The connection is made to the switch for the sideways stand warning light. Downloads  Assembly Instructions (german)
29.00 EUR
DIMMER for spoiler GL1800
Art.Nr.: GW736

Description The Honda topcase spoiler lights are only illuminated together with the brake lights. Using the dimmer module the same illumination as with a GL 1500 spoiler is possible. The module has to be connected with the wires of rear light and brake light. The spoiler illumination is constantly lit with reduced lightness. Using the [...]
25.00 EUR
RGB Windshield light
Art.Nr.: GW795

Description RGB Windshield light for Honda Goldwing GL1800/1500  
168.00 EUR
RGB Led Module
RGB LED modules
Art.Nr.: GW780

Description The module contains especially bright RGB LEDs and illuminates according to the chosen basic colours red, green or blue.Through multiple choices, mixed colours can be created. The module is constructed with a 4-pole plug and is ready to be installed. The operating voltage is 10 – 15 V.The modules are 12 mm wide and [...]
On demand
LED modules
Art.Nr.: GW750

Description With especially bright LED in different colours and lengths. The modules are fabricated with a 2 -pole plug and are ready to be installed. The operating voltage is 10 – 15 V. The modules are 6 mm wide and available in lengths of 50 – 3000 mm. The following colors are available White, red, [...]
On demand
LED Windshield light
Art.Nr.: GW759

Description LED Windshield light for Honda Goldwing GL1800/1500 The following colors are available White, red, yellow, orange, green, blue    
89.00 EUR