Bluetooth Junction Box A2DP
Art.Nr.: GW220

Description To connect Bluetooth-enabled navigation devices and smartphones to the audio / intercom system. It supports headset/ handsfree and A2DP stereo streaming. An intelligent control system ensures that navigation prompts and phone calls are forwarded to the driver's headset. A2DP stereo from MP3 player is sent to the AUX input. The junction box operates independently [...]
298.00 EUR
Bluetooth Junction Box Navi / TomTom
Art.Nr.: GW240

Description To subscribe TomTom Rider series with the Intrercom. Any other Bluetooth enabled motorcycle navigation device can also be paired with the junction box. The junction box can maintain 2 Bluetooth connections at the same time. This is necessary for the TomTomm 500 series. Navigation announcements are transmitted directly to the driver's headset. The passenger [...]
248.00 EUR
Bluetooth Junction Box lite
Art.Nr.: GW230

Description To connect Bluetooth- enabled navigation devices and smartphones to the Intercomsystem. It can be connected navigation devices without audiooutput and mobilephones. It supports only the headset protocol. Stereo broadcasts from the MP3 player are not possible. To operate, must be turned on the intercom. Navigation prompts and phone calls are audible in the intercom. [...]
198.00 EUR
Bluetooth Transmitter Duo
Art.Nr.: GW252

Description Connects the audio system using the Bluetooth headset from the driver and front passenger The Bluetooth transmitter is connected to the Intercom and the on-board voltage. The driver and the passenger's helmet be paired once with the BT transmitter. The signals from the radio / MP3 player are transferred to the Bluetooth helmets. After [...]
198.00 EUR
Bluetooth Transmitter SM10
Art.Nr.: GW254

The transmitter connects the GL audio system to SENA Bluetooth headsets. If SENA 20S or 30K headsets are used, the SENA SM10 transmitter is required for a reliable connection to the GL audio system. The SM10 set includes a adapter set to the GL audiosystem and a DC / DC converter for the power supply [...]
248.00 EUR
Bluetooth Switch 8 Channel
Art.Nr.: EBT101

Description 8 channel remote switch. The operation and configuration of the switch occurs on a Android app yet. The connection is established via Bluetooth. There are 8 individually switchable channels. The switching state is indicated by 8 LEDs. The switching states are also displayed in the app. Each channel can be configured as an on [...]
178.00 EUR