195.00 EUR
Radio Junction Box L AE6891
Quantity: Pieces


To connect the CB-radio AE6891 with the intercom.
The delivery includes a waterproof sending button, which may be installed directly at the left handlebars.
While sending or receiving the headset will be automatically forwarded to the radio device. The adjustments of the listening volume are made via the radio device.
The Radio Junctionbox is easily combined with a mobile phone or a junction box for navigation systems.

Delivery includes: Radio juncctionbox, PTT button, cable set, installation Handbook.

Thus the CB radio AE6891 is reliable, if necessary, a DC/DC converter 2A and 2 HF filter.

AE6891 L, Driver and passenger may listen and speak. A second PTT button for the passenger can be installed. The intercom has to be switched on in order to use this device. Speaking and listening volume depend on the intercom adjustments
Assembly Instructions (german)