995.00 EUR
CB 40 AM-FM CB – Radio with Chrome panel
Quantity: Pieces

40-channel CB radio device with polished (Chrome) panel
especially developed for the GL1800 and GL1500.

To install the device it is not necessary to manipulate the existing electronics system in any way. The HF-module can be installed in one of the cases, and a 12 V providing connection with the ignition as well as an antenna connection is all that is needed.
The display unit may be mounted either on top of the container for brake fluid or on the container for clutch fluid.

The connection box will be installed underneath the left storage compartment. It will also provide the connection with the intercom.

The PTT button will be mounted above the clutch lever on the left side of the handlebars.
A single button for multiple functions provides the usage of this device. The adjustments are shown on an alphanumerical LCD-display. By pressing the multiple function button once, the device will be switched on. By pressing this button repeatedly, adjustments can be chosen and changed.

The channels (1-40), the volume in 30 steps, the “squelch” (noise stop) and the modulation of AM or FM for all 40 channels can be regulated. By pressing the multiple function button for longer than 3 seconds, the device will be switched off. All adjustments will be saved if the device is switched off.

It is easy and fast to install the device.
Furthermore, a CB-antenna is necessary. As an option, an external speaker may be connected to the device.
A connection unit for the passenger are further accessories.

Technical Specifications

Control Module
– Frequency Range: 27,965 – 27,405 Mhz
– 40 Channels
– Receiver Sensitivity: FM < 0,5 µV bei 20 dB SINAD
AM < 0,5 µV bei 10 dB SINAD
-Operating Mode: FM (Frequency Modulation) max. 2kHz Hub
AM ( Amplitud Modulation) max. 90%
– HF Power: max. 4 W in FM
max  4 W (Carrier Power) in AM
– Antenna Impedanz: 50 Ohm
– Temperature Range: -10 bis +55 °C
– Curren consumption in transmit mode: ca. 1,5 A
– Current consumption in receive mode: ca. 300 mA
– Dimensions: 168(T) x 116(B) x 36(H) [mm]
– Weight : 750 G


– CB Radio Module
– Controll Unit
– Junction Box
– PTT Button
– Cable
– Antenna Adapter
– Mounting material / screws
– Detailed installation and operating instructions

Assembly instructions