248.00 EUR
Bluetooth Transmitter SM10
Quantity: Pieces
The transmitter connects the GL audio system to SENA Bluetooth headsets.
If SENA 20S or 30K headsets are used, the SENA SM10 transmitter is required for a reliable connection to the GL audio system.
The SM10 set includes a adapter set to the GL audiosystem and a DC / DC converter for the power supply from the vehicle electrical system.
The connection to the audio system and the on-board voltage is made under the left storage compartment.
The driver and the passenger’s helmet are paired with the transmitter once. Then the transmitter connects to the BT headset in the helmet after switching on the ignition.
The signals from the radio / MP3 player are transmitted to the helmets.

A return channel (radio) is not available. It can only be heard.