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Bluetooth Switch 8 Channel
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8 channel remote switch.
The operation and configuration of the switch occurs on a Android app yet.
The connection is established via Bluetooth.
There are 8 individually switchable channels.
The switching state is indicated by 8 LEDs.
The switching states are also displayed in the app.
Each channel can be configured as an on / off switch, tactile organ, or time controlled contact.
The timer switching time can be set from 1 – 60 seconds.
The switch module is self-sufficient and work after switching off the Bluetooth connection.
The switching states are saved. Started timer continue to run and turn off after the set time.
The switching module can also be programmed after interruption of the Bluetooth connection, the outputs are switched off after 30 seconds.

Its range is approximately 20 meters.
Reinforced concrete walls and ceiling can reduce the range.

The APP is only available for Android.
The APP is located on a USB stick and must be installed from it.


Power supply: 12V DC 100mA
Contacts: 5A 250V AC / 30V DC 5A
Connection: 9x 2-pin plug-in terminals 0.14 to 15 mm2
Protection: IP54
Dimensions 100 x 85 x 25 mm
Weight: 110 g


Switching module 8 channel
Power supply 12V