Brake Fluid Tester
Art.Nr.: E001

With the brake fluid tester can all common brake fluids (Dot3, Dot4) on their Check aging condition. It may be the percentage Determined water content, and the boiling point be. Using Instructions Brake Fluid Tester V 2005

148.00 EUR
RS232 SW
RS232 – Peripheral Switch
Art.Nr.: E101

Supply Voltage: 12V – 28V Current: 50mA Voltage S0, S1: 5V – 28V Resistance S0, S1: 4,7 kOhm to GND Input (Host): 1 x D-Sub 9 female, RS232 Standard Pinning Output: 3 x D-Sub 9 male, RS232 Standard Pinning Channels: 3 x 8 Channels bidirektional RS232 Resistance per Channel: Ron 100 Ohm, Roff >4,7 MOhm [...]

289.00 EUR
BTS Set 3 K
Bluetooth Switch 8 Channel
Art.Nr.: EBT101

8 channel remote switch. The operation and configuration of the switch occurs on a Android app yet. The connection is established via Bluetooth. There are 8 individually switchable channels. The switching state is indicated by 8 LEDs. The switching states are also displayed in the app. Each channel can be configured as an on / [...]

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