MP3 Player for the CD changer control
Art.Nr.: GW501

Prepared foriPod/iPhone, Android Smartphone, Bluetooth Module The MP3 Player can be connected of the CD changer interface. The Player can be directly control via the buttons on the handlebar. By pressing the CD button on the radio, the MP3 Player is switch on. The display is a similar display as with the original CD changer. [...]
218.00 EUR
USB Connection cable for Android Smartphone
Art.Nr.: GW504

With the cable can be connected an Android Smartphone to the MP3 adapter. From the App Store you can download a suitable MP3 Player. The MP3 Player (in the Smartphone) can be operated via the buttons on the handlebar. The Smartphone is charged over the USB cable.
14.00 EUR
Bluetooth Module A2DP
Art.Nr.: GW505

The Bluetooth module is connected with MP3 adapter. About the Bluetooth module can be connected any Bluetooth enabled device (Android, iPhone) The MP3 Player (in the Smartphone) can be operated via the buttons on the handlebar. On the radio you can switch between USB stick and BT module.
89.00 EUR
ICOM Splitter
Intercom Splitter
Art.Nr.: GW305

This decouples the passenger headset from the audio system With a switch, the passenger can turn off the audio unit. However, the intercom connection between driver and front passenger remains. The passenger can adjust the intercom volume separately. About a 3.5 mm jack, the passenger connect an MP3 player and start his own entertainment. The [...]
298.00 EUR
Stereo – Headset – Amplifier (GL1800)
Art.Nr.: GW300

The amplifier module enables individual volume control for the passenger headset. Contrary to the volume set at the radio, further raising or lowering of the volume is possible. The amplifier module will be installed underneath the seat. The volume control will be mounted at the bottom of the back storage compartment.
185.00 EUR
Isolating transformer Stereo
Art.Nr.: GW522

Provides electrical isolation between AUX input and audio device (MP3 players, navigation devices). Noise from the generator can be suppressed. The transformer eliminates ground loops. The transformer has a 3.5mm stereo jack and a 3.5mm stereo jack socket and is connected between the audio device and AUX input.
39.00 EUR
Universal Headset J&M HS-BCD91-UNV-XHO
Art.Nr.: GW325

This helmet headset has been designed to be installed into most open face, flip-front and full-coverage style helmets. It features the new AeroMike® III miniature boom microphone, two top quality helmet speakers in stereo, our universal clamp-on mounting system and the upper section It utilizes the industry standard 5-pin din plug and has been tuned. [...]
228.00 EUR
Coiled Audio Cord with Volume regulator
Art.Nr.: GW353

The cable got an built-in volume regulator Suitable for HS-BCD291-UNV-XHO, HS-BCD279-UN, HS-ICD279-N143 HC-PBV
89.00 EUR
Connection Cable for HS-BCD291 / HS-BCD279 / HS-ICD279
Art.Nr.: GW355

Connection Cable (top half) for Headset HS-BCD291-UNV-XHO, HS-BCD279- UN, HS-ICD279-N143 HC-PAL
36.00 EUR
Coiled Audio Cable for Headset HS-BCD291 / HS-BCD279 / ICD279
Art.Nr.: GW354

Coiled Audio Cable for Headset HS BCD-291-UNV-XHO, HS-BCD279-UN,  HS-ICD279-N143 HC-PB
39.00 EUR